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New Delhi

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Chartered Accountant
Company Secretary
Cost Accountant
Certified Financial Planner

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  • Verified Professional

    kavitha  sriraman
    ID: *****_78
    Exp : 11 Years

    Chennai/Tamil Nadu

    Rs 31625.00
  • Verified Professional

    Chartered Accountant
    ID: *****104
    Exp : 10 Years

    Chennai/Tamil Nadu

    Rs 31981.50
  • Verified Professional

    Chartered Accountant
    ID: *****014
    Exp : 11 Years

    Chennai/Tamil Nadu

    Rs 37950.00
  • Verified Professional

    Prashant  Pranjal
    ID: *****392
    Exp : 5 Years

    New Delhi/Delhi

    Rs 44275.00
  • Verified Professional

    Rajagopal  S
    ID: *****884
    Exp : 17 Years
    Diamond Member

    Hyderabad/Andhra Pradesh

    Rs 126500.00
  • Verified Professional

    Surekha  Rao
    ID: *****859
    Exp : 19 Years


    Rs 253000.00
  • Verified Professional

    JAKS  &
    Chartered Accountant
    ID: *****609
    Exp : 37 Years


    Rs 253000.00

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Did You Know

  • 1. A term sheet is only a preliminary agreement on terms and conditions for an investment and is usually non-binding.Although a term sheet is not intended to create a binding offer on investment, it can contain certain binding terms like confidentiality or exclusive offer period.

  • 2. A Share Subscription Agreement (SSA) is entered into between a company and the persons who wish to subscribe to the shares issued by that company to firm up the terms of subscription.An SSA sets out the terms of share subscription like share price, nature of shares subscribed, number of shares subscribed, terms of payment etc.

  • 3. A Share Purchase Agreement (SPA) is entered into between a shareholder of a company and the persons to whom the shareholder wishes to transfer his shares. An SPA sets out the terms of share transfer like share transfer price, number of shares transferred, terms of payment, conditions precedent and subsequent to transfer, representations and warranties on which shares are transferred etc.

  • 4. A Shareholders Agreement sets out terms on the management of the shareholders' relationship inter-se, the management of the company, terms on alienation of shares, privileges and protection of shareholders etc.The shareholders enter into an SHA to ensure that their rights in the company are protected.

  • 5. Stamp duties payable on the documents may vary from State to State in India.