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A trademark is an identity of a business entity. Also called a brand of the business, it could be a symbol, a word or words, an image, a combination of colours, a combination of image and words, etc.
Scope of Work

Scope of Work

1. Gathering information and advising on choosing appropriate trademark products on MUP.
2. Estimated time for completion of service may vary subject to requests from the client and scrutinising of documents.
3. Working days excludes Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.
4. Execution of service shall be carried out only on TIMI platform.
Estimated Time

Estimated Time

2-3 working days


Professional Charges Courier Charges
All Printing and Stationery Expenses
Service Tax and Cess

Did You Know

Did You Know
  • 1. Registration of a trademark is not necessary. However, registration of a trademark gives wider choice of protection and remedies under the law.

  • 2. Goods or services protected under the trademark are classified under various classes. These classes are a part of International Classification of Goods and Services.

  • 3. There are various types of trademarks such as a word, label, symbol, picture, combination of colours etc.

  • 4. The correct identification of class of goods and services is vital to obtain proper protection for your trademark.

  • 5. Upon registration, a trademark receives protection for 10 years from the date of its application.


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